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1. The purchase of this ticket grants the holder the right to attend the event specified on it (hereinafter referred to as the "Event"), subject to compliance with these terms and conditions, the terms of operation of the venue of the Event, and any other terms that the company "CANDY CANE EVENTS IKE" with registration number 168895003000 and VAT number 802048712 (hereinafter the "Organizer") may impose. The purchase of the ticket and the entry of the spectator into the Event implies the unconditional acceptance of all the above terms. Entry to the venue of the "Event" will not be allowed for persons under seventeen (17) years of age without the accompaniment of an adult.

2. The ticket is valid for one person's entry into the Event space at the date and time of the Event and is only valid if purchased from an official point of sale. Exchange, resale, and generally trading of tickets is prohibited. Tickets purchased with the intention of being used for commercial, promotional, advertising, or other activities without the consent of the organizers may be canceled at any time. Tickets purchased in any way (box office - telephone - internet) are not refundable or exchangeable under Article 3iβ paragraph iv of Law 2251/1994 as the Event falls under the provision of services for recreational activities with a specified date of provision. The Organizer does not replace stolen or lost tickets nor bears any responsibility in the event that a stolen or lost ticket is used by someone else. The Organizer recognizes as the ticket holder whoever presents it first at the entrance and cannot determine whether it was the product of theft or fraud.

3. The Organizer can prohibit the entrance of individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carry bottles or other dangerous or flammable objects, or bear racist, religious, or sexist symbols, or symbols of groups or anything that could be considered dangerous for the safety of other spectators or the venue, or offensive to other spectators with a risk of causing incidents, even if they hold a ticket. In the event that it is subsequently discovered that any of the above applies to a spectator, the Organizer shall be entitled to remove them from the Event without refunding the ticket price.

4. The Organizer shall not be liable for any disputes among spectators, for damages or losses to personal belongings of spectators within the event premises, or for any other act or omission that does not concern the Organizer or its personnel.

5. The audience must comply with the safety instructions of the security personnel and the organizers regarding safety issues. In the event that any injury or other damage is caused to the audience due to their non-compliance, the audience declares that they explicitly waive any claim against the organizer. Crowd surfing is explicitly prohibited, as well as any other action that may endanger the safety of the audience, the organizer's staff, or the equipment of the concert. Any non-compliance by the audience with the relevant instructions of the organizer's personnel will constitute a reason for the audience member's removal without a refund of their ticket, while the organizer explicitly reserves all of its legal rights.

6. The organizer will not allow entry to ticket holders who bring food, drinks, or beverages to the Event venue.

7. The transportation and use of audiovisual recording devices are prohibited in the event space (for videotaping, photography, recording of the event, or part thereof). The ticket holder accepts the possibility of personal belongings being checked in accordance with the above restrictions and being denied entry to the event space or being removed from the event without refund, subject to the Organizer's legal rights.

8. Animals are not allowed to enter the event space, with the exception of guide dogs for blind or disabled persons in accordance with current legislation.

9. In case of postponement of the Event due to force majeure, inability of the artists to perform, or for other reasons (e.g. organizational), the Organizer reserves the right to change the date, time, and venue of the Event or its program, informing the public through its website and/or the Mass Media. If the artist appears within 180 days from the scheduled date of their appearance, then the holder of the Ticket of the canceled Event will be able to use the Ticket on the new date of the Event as determined by the Company. In this case, the tickets will remain valid and cannot be redeemed.

10. In case of permanent cancellation of the Event, tickets will be refunded (in whole or in part), within a certain period of time, in a manner to be announced by the Organizer's website and/or Mass Media. The condition for the above refund is the definitive inability to appear of the postponed artists within the above-mentioned 180-day period. The viewer accepts that the Organizer is not obliged to compensate him for any other damage beyond the price paid for his ticket.

11. In case the Event is interrupted or canceled due to force majeure, at least thirty-five (35) minutes after its start, it will be considered completed and will not be rescheduled for another date. In this case, the Organizer will not be obliged to refund the ticket price. Especially in the case where the Event takes place in an open/uncovered space, the viewer acknowledges that the Organizer is not responsible for providing cover in case of rain or other adverse weather conditions and the viewer will have to take their own measures to participate.

12. In the case where the same ticket provides access/attendance to multiple concerts, events, etc. (e.g. a festival), the Festival Day Ticket is independent of the presence and participation of any particular artist, whose appearance may change if they are unable to perform for reasons not attributable to the production company, or if the performance is postponed, replaced, or canceled. Therefore, any change in the festival day appearance of an artist or even the definitive cancellation of the appearance of any artist previously announced to participate in a specific festival day does not automatically constitute a reason for cancellation of the ticket, a reduction in the ticket price, or a refund of part or all of the ticket price, provided that it is not attributable to the fault of the organizing company.

13. Possessing this ticket does not entitle the holder to receive any additional free services unless explicitly provided for or announced by the organizer. Consuming from the bar - canteen is optional.

14. The ticket holders are informed that the event will be photographed/videotaped/recorded for promotional purposes by the Organizer. Audience members who appear in these recordings will have no claim against the company executing the videotaping/recording or the Organizer.


15. The ticket holders are informed that professional videography inside the festival area is prohibited without the permission of the Organizer.


16. The ticket holders are informed that the LED wristbands, which are going to be given at the entrance of the festival, will be returned to the Organizer at the exit of the festival.

17. All differences related to these terms, their interpretation, and application, as well as any difference that may arise from the purchase of a ticket from the Organizer and the presence of the ticket holder at the Event, are governed by Greek law and the buyer and holder of the ticket agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.


The ticket holder does not have the right to withdraw from the purchase of the Ticket because, according to Article 3IΒ of Law 2251/1994, services related to recreational activities are explicitly exempt from the right of withdrawal if the contract provides for a specific performance date (purchase of a Ticket for an event that will take place on a specific date).

For the same exact reason (an exception to the right of withdrawal), after the completion of the transaction, you do not have the right to cancel, refund, or exchange the tickets for reasons of remorse.

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